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Most of the time it's best to be humble. But today requires extra special acknowledgements and sense of pride. Your approach and abilities in sharing your knowledge of fishing and life were very evident today. You are commended, and will be forever remembered, for this special day. And, yes, I am proud of my son. Once a rebel, he is now coming around to appreciate nature and the people that love nature.

Thank you for being a role model of his maturation.

March 12, 2013

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I love your reports! It's great to get outdoors and be part of God's great creation, whether the fish are biting or not.

I thought I'd share this with you cause your name came up at the dinner table last night.

My son and I will never forget you and talk about you often. Five years ago, we were fishing above you in the DSR when my son, 14 at the time, landed his first steelhead. Then he released it. You came up and shook his hand and said great job. That fish and you made his day. You pulled me to the side and said that we should get fly rods and give them a try for salmon and steelhead. Well...I took your advice and now my spinning gear is covered with dust.

You never know when you're going to change another's life.

Thanks for all that you do,

Keith Dye March 12, 2013

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Thanks again for a great fishing experience on Saturday. We had a great time and really appreciated your advice and help. We fished where you suggested, using the rigs you recommended and once again proved the adage that 10 percent of the fishermen catch (well, at least hook 'em when it comes to steelheads!!!) 90 percent of the fish.

We fished from about 6:45 to 11:30 this morning. I hooked seven and landed three, PJ had a more difficult day, hooking seven, but only landing one. However, he got beat up by two very large steelheads, who both decided to head toward Lake Ontario when he hooked them!!! Our day was by far the best day at the parking lot. Thanks again for the tip on where to fly fish. (Actually not really sure that the "chuck and duck" techniques we were using, especially with your weight system, would make into Fly Fisherman magazine, but we did catch steelheads!!!)

I think PJ and I graduated from George O'Brien's Steelhead High School after this weekend!!!! Looking forward to "graduate work" in January or February and "Post Doc" work in April.

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving and wonderful holidays, especially with the new grandbaby!!

Jeb and PJ March 12, 2013

George, what can I say, Thank you very much I had another dream weekend. I wanted a rewarding weekend with my brother and I got it many times over! I really appreciate all the time you gave us this weekend, I truly hold an enormous amount of respect for you, we were absolutely wore out come Sunday afternoon. Chris has been infected with the fever and thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread; he truly had a great weekend, thanks to you. It was a great weekend with a great friend, a great brother, LOTS of fish, good food, many laughs’ and the typical unpredictable Pulaski weather. I added more photos of just awesome fish to my album but the real reward is all the great memories I will have of this great weekend. I look forward to learning more from you and I am counting the days to my next trip.

-Chad Drawbaugh

P.S. Don’t forget to look up the model # of the Coleman stove you want! We laughed and talked the entire ride home about our adventure but we must of laughed the hardest talking about your ESP on the bite of one my fish at the barrel, Chris and I both think you truly have ESP!!!!!! LOL!

Chad and Chris Drawbaugh

Chad and Chris Drawbaugh March 16, 2013

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Thank you George! We talked the entire trip home with 85% of the conversation being about our weekend. I believe the introduction of you and the river to Jeff made a real impact, he really enjoyed himself. I as always enjoyed myself, I do admit that with the time up until I caught I was having mixed feelings, super excited Jeff was able to catch but somewhat depressed I was not able to enjoy a little head action, I am only human. But as I settle back into the work week and telling everyone of my weekend, I realize I have a memory of a weekend that will forever be with me that kind of set's itself apart from the others; not that I will forget about the great day's with big numbers. This weekend had high's and low's which has made me realize how fortunate I have been, we may have not caught large #'s of fish but for me one is all I really ever need to make me happy. I witnessed and enjoyed some great experiences this weekend, great friends, Jeff's first catch, a seagull catching a juvenal steelhead, a spawning female, great weather, learned a great amount of how to fish higher water, witnessed a beautiful clear morning with the moon and the reflection off the water, I absorbed all kind's of scenery, I was able to relax as always (not thinking about work) and within the last few hours it was all capped off by my friend and my guide with two great fighting and absolutely stunning steelhead.My enthusiasm in explaining this past weekend has been just as elevated as a double digit day. I had a very rewarding day on the river!!

Chad Drawbaugh March 18, 2013

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Hey George, It's Chris. I'd just like to thank you again today for helping me and for mostly helping my dad learn the correct way to land a steelhead. He's been trying for such a long time now. You should of heard him in the truck on the way home, he wouldn't shut up about it. I haven't seen him this happy in a long long time. After many trips up to the DSR, i almost lost faith in this kind of fishing, But after today and with the tips you taught me, Its going to be apart of my life from now on. Thank you for that. We will be back up there in the Fall. We want to go the Wednesday after labor day. Not sure on what date it is exactly but definitely that Wednesday rain or shine! You can send the pictures back to my email.

Thanks again George,

Chris Drawbaugh March 18, 2013

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It's spring, when a man's thoughts turns to.......steelhead?  Well, any normal person's thoughts would turn to other things but not us. There are six maniacs here who are anxiously counting down the days to October. With that in mind, I wanted to touch base with you about our deposit. I viewed your website and noticed a slight increase in next year's fees.  I was preparing our deposit when I checked again and saw your brand new website.  (We're very disappointed that we didn't even get a mention. Would it be too much to ask that you bill yourself as the official fishing guide  of the six escaped mental patients from Connecticut?........ sorry, I've digressed). Anyway, your new website says to call for a qoute.  Kindly consider this e-mail as our call.

If, in fact, this is a negotiation I would like to take the time to tell you that in addition to us thinking that you are a brilliant guide, we took a vote and also decided that you are, in fact, a wildly handsome man. We find your ocassional criticisms quaint and although your name does come up during our various sesssions with our therapists, I assure you that it's in a good way.  With that in mind please let me know how much it's going to cost for you and Phil to guide the six of us for two days.  Once I get the figure I'll send our deposit.

The combination of you,  Phil, Salmon River Steelhead and us......priceless.

John Hyde

May 16, 2013

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Once again, George, it was wonderful!!  I received all the photos and have distributed them.  I appreciate the attention that you and Phil gave to Tom. He simply could not believe the fight that steelhead have in them.  I'm afraid you've created another convert and he assures me he'll be joining us again next year.

I filled out a booking form for next year.  I believe that  the dates are Oct 18 & 19. I just have to make sure that our lodging matches up. I will confirm when I hear from the DSR.

I can't thank you enough for another great time.  All of us appreciate your efforts and be sure and thank Phil for us.  He's got just the right touch of insanity (and I mean that in a good way) to fit in perfectly with our crew. He's been a great addition.

You seem to be a sucker for flowery messages so I will close with this one:  I am already counting the days until I see your eyes shining like cesspools on the banks of the Salmon River.

Thanks again,

John Hyde May 16, 2013

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George -- another leg of the journey has been walked together.  We had friends walk with us this time, and they enjoyed the fishing and catching experience.  Miles couldn’t stop talking as I drove them to Syracuse, until he fell asleep in the car.  What a great way to connect father and son, and to add an old friend (Rick) into the mix.

May 16, 2013

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