Special Saturday morning on the Salmon River

On Sept .3 I had occasion to spend a few hours with my very good friend,Dr. Charlie Keenen and his son Reilly. As I had a cancellation that morning,Charlie wanted me to tag along as he and Reilly enjoyed their first outing at the DSR (Douglaston Salmon Run),a private yet open to the public section of the Salmon River. What made this Saturday morning special was how the morning unfolded….Reilly was the first to venture out in the water and boom! he had a fresh King Salmon on! 


After a 50 yard scramble down stream ,Reilly brought his 1st King of the new season to the bank! Although this fish was not huge,the way Reilly fought it was impressive! After reviving it it was time for Dad )Charlie) to get in the water and have a go at it!


Father and son spending precious moment’s on a beautiful stretch of river!

Fishing was quiet for about an hour and then Charlie shouted”Fish on”


Fish fought and released!!

Charlie expressed interest in using my Douglas 11’6″ 8 wt. switch rod and being the good friend that I am,I handed him my rod and guess what? He was soon onto another King Salmon,this one a wild King that raced down stream and then back up stream ,turning Charlie in a 30 circle !


This great king Salmon was revived and then released to contnue it’s journey up stream!

Now Reilly wanted to try out the Douglas Rod and after spending just minutes casting,he turned to his Dad and said”I want one”

Charlie & Reilly are now proud owners of 2 Douglas 11’6″ 8 wt. switch fly rods!

Now here’s the special aspect of this story…..watching a Dad and his son totally enjoying their time together+priceless!

Both Charlie & Reilly will be back at the DSR  this Saturday for another chapter of their life’s journey

Tight Lines,

Capt. George

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