4 Weeks until the DSR re-opens for the Fall run of King &Coho Salmon

The countdown continues…

It’s that time of year fellow anglers, Days will start to get shorter,mornings will get cooler and w’ll see the first signs of our wild King Salmon working their way up through the Douglaston Salmon Run property! Mid August one will find this angler wading along the cool waters in the mid section of the DSR each morning! on these morning outings,I’ll see a deer or two drinking stream side, possibly a Bald Eagle gliding above looking for a morning meal.  As I have for more years then I’d like to admit to,I’ll enjoy the anticipation of seeing the first King Salmon of the morning-blasting up towards me,spraying water up like a high powered speed boat!

Casting to a 20-30lb. Wild King Salmon is truly a exhilarating angler experience! Once hooked,they will thrash about and then take off up stream and by the time you realize you have a fish on,they are 30 yards away! Just hold on and keep your rod up and go with the fish!

From mid August through the first week of September,The DSR  sees a gradual build up in the number’s of Salmon returning each morning and the lucky angler can expect to NOT see anyone else nearby!

Mid August will see me there each morning -hopefully I’ll see you! Until next week…………


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