2016 Wild King Salmon Season Underway!!

Having spent the last 8 days scouting the DSR (Douglaston Salmon Run property) without seeing any movement of fish,today was a welcome relief!! The air was crisp,actually had a chill to it and the water was cool(68*) and my hopes were high! This time of the season(early in the salmon run) I really enjoy sight fishing and the DSR provides me an excellent venue to do so! When I approached the spot where I would be setting up,I watched a pair of Blue Heron’s circle over head looking for their morning meal. watched a Doe silently wade down to the water for a sip and all I can tell you is “it was a beautiful morning”. after about 45 minutes I noticed  the tell tale splashes of a couple of Salmon working towards me about 125 yards down river. In this technique of “sight fishing” one has to be patient and let the fish work their way up to within casting range. I had a my Douglas 8 wt. DXF 81146 11’6″  switch rod ready with a weight forward floating line,12 lb. tippet and a Pink Maribou size 4 streamer. after what seemed like an eternity,here came a nice wild male King Salmon. After making a few casts to determine distance ,I placed the streamer just where I wanted it and with the current taking it to the fish,it was …FISH ON! Incredible what that first Fish of the season does to my heart rate ! After a 30 yd. upstream battle I was rewarded with this beautiful Wild King Salmon


This male King is lean and mean!! fins were in excellent shape!

Notice the Douglas rod is an 11’6″switch rod and this fish is almost half the length of the rod!

I’ll be on the DSR property again tomorrow continuing my quest for Wild King Salmon !

This weekend I’ll be hosting ,along with the DSR my 3rd Annual Summer Salmon Seminar -stay tuned for my daily updates….

Tight Lines,

Capt. George


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