2 Weeks until the Douglaston Salmon Run re-opens !

It’s now getting down to crunch time-just a tad bit under 2 weeks and I’ll be back at the DSR each morning looking for that elusive “first king”  Every August we see a return of wild King Salmon-some years a strong push in August and some years a trickle of fish. Based on the lake reports that I’ve seen,this Summer has been exceptional ! I’m planning on a strong showing of wild kings by late August blasting thru the DSR property.

Late August morning’s are cool and with the water running clear, each day brings multiple surprises. I’ll see Deer drinking stream side,Eagle’s gliding over head -looking for their breakfast of fish,Osprey perched on tree limbs looking for their breakfast. As the morning mist slowly dissolves,I’m eagerly anticipating seeing that “first” king Salmon splashing up thru the Spring hole! With my 8 wt. 11’6″ Douglas Fly rod in hand, I’ll try to guess just what “lane” the Salmon will use and if I’m right,then my position will allow me to cast to the King Salmon as it moves up river ! For more years than I’d like to remember,this has been my start to our fall Salmon run! I still get goosebumps each morning as I approach the river!


Pictured above is a August King Salmon ,fresh lake of lake Ontario ,still silver & full of tackle busting attitude!

4 years ago,I’ll started a weekend Summer Salmon Seminar for a select group of anglers to enjoy this spectacular fishery! With the help of good friend,Mike Hufcut ,we have developed this 2 1/2 day seminar into a action packed,fun filled & informative outing  where one lucky participant wins a Doulglas Fly rod,and all 6 anglers gain a wealth   of knowledge on what to use (tackle wise) ,where to fish the DSR section and how to successfully fight these huge (20-35lb) Trophy fish!

Come join us for a great Steak dinner streamside on Friday ,August 25th and spend both Saturday & Sunday as our summer Salmon  Seminar anglers!  As of this posting ,we have just 2 spots remaining so give us a call to reserve your spot !

Call for Details: 315-529-3585

Tight Lines,

Capt. George

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